Suction unit FZ1 VARIOmaster 230 V starter kit including two suction side opener and accessories


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Product Description

The FZ1 VARIOmaster is suitable for the universal use in the otoplastics laboratory. A particularly flexible concept allows the connection of up to four work places that are automatically controllable by individual vacuum position opener. Due to a central positioning of the suction unit, there is much space left to work. The high-performance and sturdy FZ1 VARIOmaster is quiet and low-maintenance because of its brushless vacuum turbine. Dust is collected in an incorporated dust container (volume 5 l). Due to the fact that no filter bags are required and a complex filter technique as well as a collectorless engine, running costs are decreased considerably. The starter kit contains two suction side opener and accessories to connect two work places. Please order the suction funnel separately! Compressed air required.