Light-curing unit eLED.LP3 and turning motor eTM.PS3 (with power supply unit) Set

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Product Description

Equipped with durable and energy saving LED elements, eLED.LP3 reflects the latest in technology.

Together with the turning motor this unit looks excellent in any environment.

Is small and compact enough to use on domiciliary visits.

The advanced, elegantly designed LED light-curing unit  / turning motor set or the acoustian’s shop and laboratory. Equipped with durable and ener-gy-saving LED elements, the eLED.LP3 reflect the latest in technology. ogether with the turning motor, the set with its appealing design seems well-rounded and appreciates the service station in the acoustican’s shop and shows off your “trade from its beautiful side”. It can be carried along in its space-saving format to home visits and looks just as appealing in the laboratory. Attractive is also the price advantage for the set compared to the individual price.

Additional Information

Weight .30 kg