Polymat, 230 V

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Product Description

A pressure polymerization unit for the professional laboratory! Due to the amplified temperature range up to 120 Ì´åÁC (248 Ì´åÁF), cold-curing and hot-curing acrylics can be processed quickly. Also suitable for the manufacturing of bubble-free negative molds of silicone. The curing process of the material can be adjusted by stepless electronical temperature control as well as pressure (3 Ì´ÌÛ 6 bar) and time (up to 60 min.) control. The outer heater is very durable and facilitates the cleaning of the corrosion-resistant stainless steel pressure pot. Water is withdrawn by a drain. A high safety level is provided by a pressure controller, pressure relief valve, pressure switch, temperature limiter and safety interlock. Electricity and compressed air supply required.

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