ODINELL EAR SPRAY 50 ml (Audinell)


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Product Description

Odinell ear spray is a non-aggressive isotonic washing solution enriched with surfactants. Without propellant gas, it does not cause an unpleasant feeling of cold. It contains a chamomile extract that soothes the irritation associated with the daily wearing of hearing aids.

Used regularly (1 to 2 times a week), it facilitates the elimination of wax residue, effectively cleans the ear canal, prevents the formation of plugs and preserves the proper functioning of hearing aids.

  • Available in a bottle filled with 50 ml of solution and a dosing pump.


  • Auditory canal
  • Ear pavilion


  • Meets Class I medical device category requirements
  • Complies with European Directive 93/42/EEC relating to Medical Devices
  • Meets environmental and health safety requirements
  • Fast acting ear spray that softens wax
    Eliminates excessive earwax residue
    Gently cleanses ear canal
    Matricaria Chamomilla based
    Easy to use dosing pump

HS code : 3307900000

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