Luxamed Set LuxaScope Auris LED otoscope 2.5 V (battery operation) + LED ear light

26011 BLACK

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Product Description

Cost-effective set including 1x LED OTOscope with batteries and 1x LED ear light Set

Uses Heine Speculae 2.5mm or 4mm  - click here 

luxamed led ring technology
LuxaScope Auris 2.5v
Innovative otoscope in pocket size
Illumination: LED-Ring with 6 LEDs (concentric), no fiber optic, field of vision is not restricted, with the theoretical failure of a single LED, the functionality is not affected
Maintenance-free, no lamp replacement necessary
Can be dimmed
Automatic switch off after 3 minutes
Life expectancy of LEDs: approx. 100,000 hours by constant current drive
Intensity of illumination: approx. 10,000 Lux
Color temperature: approx. 4,000 K
Optimized design of head
Pivoting 3-fold magnifying glass with locking function
Insufflation port for pneumatic test
Two-component handle (aluminum / fiberglass reinforced)
Electronic ON / OFF push-button switch
Power supply: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries, included
Incl. 20 disposable ear funnels, gray, each .39″ x .1″ x .39″ x .16″

Ear Light

Acrylic tip to position impression pad in auditory canal
bright, long-life LED, approx. 100,000 h
power supply with 2 x AAA included

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Weight .3 kg

White Version, Black Verision