EOC 100 Digital Video Otoscope (BLACK ONLY)

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Product Description

The NEW EOC 100 offers the excellent images with the competitive price for the markets of ENT, Audiology, Pediatric and Primary Care.

The special design will provide the different color choices for different customers. High resolution digital image data which captures by Horus EOC 100 provide the accurate position, color, and translucency of tympanic membrane.

Broad field of view allows the doctors to easily observe the entire auditory canal. Simultaneously, by viewing or videoing images ear canals on the PC or laptop, diagnosis is significantly facilitated.

Handy, portable, light video otoscope with LED lighting for video images of the auditory canal and/or eardrum. Each image is displayed directly via the built-in 2,7" TFT LCD screen. The recording of the images (JPEG) or videos (H.264) is effected by the integrated 8GB SD-card and can be transferred to other data storage devices (i.e. computer) by means of provided USB cable. No cable necessary as battery-powered. A video output allows optional transfer to another screen by video cable.

Includes 16 disposable funnels (8 x 4mm, 8 x 5 mm), charging device and video cable in high-quality plastic box.

Weight: 210 gr
Dimensions: 180 x 70 x 70mm
Image resolution: 1440 x 1080 pixel
Tension: Li-Ion Accu 3,7V - 2500mAh
Connection: Mini USB + AV output
Charger: 5V DC, 1,2A
Charging time: 5 h
Operating time: 3 h



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