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Audispray is the best solution to clean his ears and to prevent ear wax plug.


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Suggested Selling Price £14.99 Inc Vat 


AUDISPRAY is presented in spray form in a bottle containing 50ml of solution and allowing more than 200 pulverization. Nitrogen, as an inert gas, is neutral and insures a regular micro-diffusion. AUDISPRAY and its anti-over-pressure nozzle adapted to the anatomy of the auditory canal guarantees a physiological debit of 0.5 cc per second and avoids any risk of over-pressure. AUDISPRAY has no contra-indication whatsoever, the only precaution being that it must not be used in cases of pain, otitis, perforation of the eardrum or for people who have a drain tube passing through the eardrum or for people who had past records of ear surgery AUDISPRAY has the status of an European Medical Device, manufactured under pharmaceutical control, benefiting from monitoring by the competent Health Authorities. If AUDISPRAY is used regularly, say one pulverisation each morning for each ear, the bottle can be used over 4 months. A clean ear allows for better hearing.
This product has two very significant advantages over other products on the market:
- It is a hyper tonic solution (as opposed to other products which are isotonic) with improved efficiency for this reason.
- The Audi-spray nozzle produces a fine mist which reduces the chill effect in the ear canal and minimizes dripping.

The reference product for auricular hygiene: 20 years’ experience and more than 30 million units sold
100% natural product, based on microbiologically controlled sea water
Proven efficacy for dissolution of cerumen*: used regularly, it prevents the formation of cerumen plugs
Avoid using cotton buds
Usage to suit the consumer profile
1 or 2 squirts per ear 2 or 3 times per week , and every day for people producing a lot of cerumen
For those with a hearing aid: 1 or 2 squirts per ear every night after removing the hearing aid, in order to avoid a build-up of cerumen which may cause the aid to malfunction
A product with innovative technology for use in complete safety:
A spray system without gas which guarantees a gentle spray.
A dosing pump delivers the ideal quantity of solution into the ear.
The patented nozzle suitable for the ear’s anatomy avoiding all risk of excess pressure on the eardrum.


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