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Additional TV-200 Headset for the TV- 200 Listener.


The Amplicomms TV 200-1 is the additional headset to be used in conjunction with the Amplicomms TV 200. This device is a wireless, amplified headset that when worn, transmits sound effortlessly from your TV, hi-fi, iPod, mobile or CD player. By wearing this lightweight TV listener, you can independently turn up the volume to suit your needs, leaving others in the room to listen at a more comfortable level. This is an extra loud headset, with a maximum volume of 112dB. It even comes with adjustable tone control to ensure you receive the very best sound quality possible. It also includes a built-in microphone, enabling you, once switched on, to have a conversation or hear the surrounding environments through an amplified volume. There are no wires to trip over as it operates using a wireless transmitter. The transmitter is provided with the TV 200 and can hold two headsets. There’s also a built-in rechargeable battery that will last a full nine hours of continuous use. The TV200 is the latest amplified headset from Amplicomms and is set to replace the ever-popular TV150.

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