(NEW) AMPLICOMMS BIGTEL 50 ALARM PLUS Large-button telephone

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Product Description

BigTel 50 Alarm Plus Download PDF BT50alarmplus_GB_Data Sheet Here

Large-button telephone with programmable
emergency numbers and easy-to-use alarm

■ New, spray water-resistant alarm transmitter,
which can be worn around the neck or wrist
(further alarm transmitters can be connected)
■ By pressing the large alarm button, an emergency call is
sent to up to three numbers you define yourself
■ Easy to use because of the large buttons
■ LED display “Phone is ringing”
■ Voice output when buttons are pressed
■ 3 programmable emergency/direct dial storage spaces
■ Premium hearing aid compatibility (improved reception in
■ Receiver tone control
■ Adjustable receiver volume
■ Amplifies the receiver volume to +40 dB
■ Adjustable ring tone volume
■ Speaker phone function
■ Illuminated display
■ Display with current time
■ Number display and call list / 64 calls (CLIP, networkdependent)

■ Alphanumeric telephone book for 30 entries
■ Menu in 4 languages
■ Can be wall mounted
■ Call duration display
■ Redial
■ Microphone mute
■ Tone dialing
■ Capable of dialing extensions
■ Dimensions (width x depth x height):
Telephone: 175 x 205 x 80 mm
■ Weight: 585 g
■ Color: Silver
1x base station 1x receiver
1x spiral receiver cord 1x wall mount
1x operating instructions 1x telephone connection cord
1x power supply unit 4x batteries AA 1.5 V
1x battery 23A, 12 (already installed in the emergency call
1x emergency call transmitter with neck and wristband

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